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ASTM F1307 - Measuring Oxygen Transmission Rate in Dry Packages with Coulometric Sensor

ASTM F1307 - Standard Test Method for Oxygen Transmission Rate Through Dry Packages Using a Coulometric Sensor:

The ASTM F1307 standard specifies a method for determining the steady-state oxygen gas transmission rate (O2GTR) through dry packages.

The measurement of O2GTR is a factor in evaluating the protective properties of barrier materials. In many industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries, maintaining a specific level of oxygen inside the packaging is crucial for preserving product quality and shelf life. For example, excessive oxygen exposure could accelerate the deterioration of food products, degrade pharmaceuticals, and cause oxidative damage to electronic products.

However, it is important to note that O2GTR is not the sole determinant of packaging protection qualities. Other tests, based on empirical data, should also be conducted to establish a comprehensive correlation between packaging performance and O2GTR.

The ASTM F1307 standard provides a systematic procedure for determining the rate of oxygen gas transmission into packages. It specifically applies to packages intended to maintain a dry environment under normal operating conditions. This standard is particularly relevant to industries where products need to be stored in moisture-free or low-moisture environments.

The ASTM F1307 standard utilizes a coulometric sensor, an electrochemical device that generates an electric current proportional to the amount of oxygen present. This allows for a direct and accurate measurement of the rate of oxygen transmission.

Within this standard, users and suppliers need to agree on several operational parameters for the testing procedure. These parameters include sampling procedures, standardization processes, test conditions, and acceptance criteria.

Please note, however, that O2GTR is just one aspect of packaging performance and should be supplemented with additional tests and evaluations based on specific requirements and circumstances.

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