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ASTM D7386: Performance testing for single parcel delivery packages

Understanding ASTM D7386 standard for delivery packaging

ASTM D7386 standard is essential for evaluating packaging for individual parcel delivery systems. Its objective is to assess the strength and performance of these units in simulated conditions that reflect the actual distribution environment.

Objective and significance of the standard

This standard primarily aims to test the ability of packaging to withstand typical risks encountered during the distribution cycle. These risks include shocks, compressions, vibrations, and various weather conditions.

Sequential testing and performance evaluation

A series of sequential tests are conducted on the same containers to assess their robustness against challenges in the distribution process. These tests must be performed in a specific order, and the packaging must remain intact throughout the testing procedure.

Alternatives and supplements to the standard

In addition to ASTM D7386 standard, other standards like ASTM D4169 DC13, ASTM D4169 DC3, ISTA 3A are also significant in the industry for alternative evaluations.

Testing procedure and inspection of packaging

For performance testing, it is crucial to keep the shipping unit intact until all tests are completed. However, during packaging development, inspecting packages at different stages can be beneficial for a more in-depth analysis.

Application and scope of the standard

The standard applies to shipping units weighing up to 150 lbs (68 kg) intended for individual parcel delivery systems. It serves as a complement, not a replacement, for existing specifications and testing procedures, providing a detailed method for assessing packaging durability under various conditions.

FAQ: Understanding ASTM D7386 Standard for Delivery Packaging

ASTM D7386 is an evaluation method for packaging used in individual parcel delivery systems. It focuses on the strength and performance of these packages in simulated conditions that mimic the real distribution environment.

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