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ASTM D737 - Standard Test Method for Air Permeability of Textile Fabrics

Evaluation of Breathability using ASTM D737 Test Method

The ASTM D737 standard is crucial for determining the breathability of textiles in the packaging industry and beyond. This standardized test method quantifies the air permeability of fabrics, a critical factor for applications where air circulation is essential.

Versatility of Textile Quality Testing with ASTM D737

This standard applies to a variety of textiles, including technical fabrics used in packaging. Whether for untreated or resin-treated fabrics, the ASTM D737 standard offers a reliable method for assessing quality and performance.

Test Procedure and Data Interpretation for Air Permeability

The ASTM D737 test maintains the fabric under optimal conditions to measure air flow. The collected data provides valuable insights into the breathability of packaging materials, an asset for products requiring adequate ventilation.

The Impact of Surface Treatments on Permeability Test Results

The accuracy of the ASTM D737 standard can be affected by fabric characteristics. A thorough understanding of textile industry standards is essential for correctly interpreting air permeability test results.

Quality Assurance and Benchmarking: The Importance of Inter-Laboratory Comparisons

The simplicity of the ASTM D737 method does not diminish the importance of test reproducibility to ensure quality. Inter-laboratory comparisons are vital to maintaining the integrity of textile quality tests and identifying any significant deviations.


ASTM D737 standard is a standardized method for measuring the air permeability of textiles, including fabrics used in the packaging industry, to assess their breathability.

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