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ASTM D4991 - Vacuum method for leak testing empty containers

Evaluation of container integrity under differential pressure according to ASTM D4991

ASTM D4991 test method is an essential standard in the packaging industry dedicated to evaluating the integrity of containers subjected to differential pressure, such as those encountered during air transport. This standard is particularly suitable for testing the leak resistance of empty rigid containers.

Testing procedure and practical applications

The tests are conducted on unaltered containers to assess their sealability. The method allows determining the initial point of leakage, typically at a threshold of approximately 95 kPa (13.8 psi). However, some types of packaging, such as those with paper seals, may not be compatible with this method due to rapid material deterioration by the test fluid.

Vacuum leak test process according to ASTM D4991

The vacuum method for leak testing involves creating a pressure differential around the tested container by exposing it to a vacuum environment. Leaks become evident when air or a test fluid is drawn into the container, highlighting the weaknesses in its structure.

Interpretation and utility of test results

The results provided by this method are crucial for understanding the container's resistance and identifying potential issues affecting its integrity during transport. The advantage of this test is that it is non-destructive, allowing containers to be preserved for future use.

FAQ on ASTM D4991 - Evaluation of Container Integrity under Differential Pressure

ASTM D4991 is a testing standard in the packaging industry. It assesses the integrity of empty rigid containers subjected to a differential pressure, often encountered during air transportation, to test their resistance against leaks.

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