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ASTM D4169-16 - Evolution of Truck Profiles

The ASTM D4169-16 standard in the packaging industry

The ASTM D4169-16 standard, an essential standard in the packaging industry, plays a crucial role in defining packaging safety standards. This standard establishes testing procedures to evaluate the durability of packaging in the face of transportation and logistics challenges.

Truck profiles and their significance

The truck profiles of ASTM D4169-16, representing random vibration models, are essential for simulating real truck transportation conditions. These profiles have evolved with innovations in truck suspension and improvements in road infrastructure.

A notable change is the introduction of pneumatic suspensions in modern trucks, providing better protection for goods during transportation. This advancement has influenced the update of truck profiles in the standard, highlighting the impact of road improvements on packaging transportation.

Industry commitment to safety

Furthermore, the evolution of ASTM standards, including ASTM D4169-16, reflects the industry's ongoing commitment to ensuring safe transportation. These updates ensure that standards remain aligned with the latest technological advances in goods transportation.

In summary

In summary, the ASTM D4169 standard perfectly illustrates how the packaging industry adapts to technological innovations and safety and durability requirements. For a detailed analysis of these developments, a comprehensive explanatory note is available for download.

Standard ASTM D4169-16 - Truck profile evolution

Norme ASTM D4169 16 (FR)
pdf-992.12 kB
Norme ASTM D4169 16 (EN)
pdf-814.99 kB


ASTM D4169-16 is an essential standard in the packaging industry, defining test procedures to assess the safety and durability of packaging, particularly in the face of transportation and logistics challenges.

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