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ASTM D3786/D3786M - Textile Fabrics Bursting Strength Test: Diaphragm Tester Method

ASTM D3786/D3786M - Standard Test Method for Bursting Strength of Textile Fabrics—Diaphragm Bursting Strength Tester Method:

The ASTM D3786/D3786M standard is a universally recognized method used in the textile industry to determine the diaphragm bursting strength of various types of fabrics, including woven, nonwoven, and knitted fabrics. This procedure evaluates the resistance of textile fabrics to bursting, providing a standard measure of the material's overall strength and integrity.

This standardized procedure has been accepted in the textile industry for various end-use evaluations. The method has been used for commercial acceptance testing of textile fabrics in terms of bursting strength. The resulting data allows for the assessment of fabric quality and its suitability for intended applications.

In cases where disagreements arise between the purchaser and supplier due to differences in reported values using Test Method D3786, the standard provides a way to resolve such discrepancies. Any statistical bias between the purchaser's and supplier's laboratories, if present, should be determined through a comparison based on randomly drawn test specimens from a sample of the material being evaluated.

The ASTM D3786/D3786M standard applies to a wide variety of textile products. It outlines a procedure for measuring the resistance of textile fabrics to bursting using either a hydraulic or pneumatic diaphragm bursting tester. This method aims to provide an objective assessment of the textile fabric's resistance to force before rupture.

In addition to conventional textile fabrics, this method may also apply to stretch woven and woven industrial fabrics such as inflatable restraints. However, as textile technology advances and new materials that may exceed the instrument's range are developed, it is essential to refer to the reporting section and consider using other test methods such as ASTM D3787 or ASTM D6797.

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