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ASTM D 4168 - Foam-in-Place Cushioning Materials Shock Analysis

ASTM D4168 Standard for protective packaging

The ASTM D4168 standard is a reference for standardized testing methods developed by ASTM International, which is essential in the specialized packaging industry. These methods are crucial for evaluating the performance of foam cushioning materials, a key element in designing secure packaging for sensitive products.

Foam cushioning: a cornerstone of product safety

Foam cushioning is essential for protecting fragile items, from electronic components to glass products, during transport and logistics. Its ability to prevent damage from shocks is essential to ensure safe product delivery.

Holistic evaluation with ASTM D4168 standard

The ASTM D4168 standard provides a comprehensive evaluation of foam packaging solutions, including the analysis of plastic film and cardboard packaging, ensuring optimal product protection.

Detailed testing methods

  1. Test method A - Free fall test for packaging 
    This method evaluates the resistance of packaging to falls, a crucial aspect for products shipped by courier services and likely to be handled frequently.
  2. Test method B - Impact and resilience evaluation 
    By simulating real impacts, this method tests the shock-absorbing capacity of the material, a determining factor for international shipments and long supply chains.


ASTM D4168 is a set of test methods developed by ASTM International to evaluate foam cushioning materials in the packaging industry.

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