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Severity Analysis Based on ‘Shake’ Detection on tarmac

The study conducted by Mr. Victor Huart addresses a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of air transportation: the tarmac transport phase. This research specifically focuses on the impacts and stresses experienced by cargo during this phase, in comparison to other modes of transportation. The goal is to better understand and quantify the severity of tarmac transport conditions, a subject that has been under-studied until now.


To carry out this study, the research team employed innovative data collection and analysis methods. Sensors were used to measure the accelerations and vibrations experienced by the cargo. Emphasis was placed on detecting "shakes," sudden and intense impacts that differ from continuous vibrations or moderate shocks. These data were then analyzed to assess the severity of transport conditions.

Analysis of tarmac transport

This section focuses on the detailed analysis of data collected on the tarmac of Vatry Airport. The authors compared acceleration distributions and severity indicators specific to this phase with those observed in other modes of transport. This comparison highlighted the unique characteristics and challenges of tarmac transport.

Study of the Shake phenomenon

The study delves into the concept of "shakes," distinguishing these events from usual vibrations and shocks. The authors examine the frequency, intensity, and probability of occurrence of these shakes during tarmac transport, thus providing a new perspective on the associated risks in this phase of transportation.

Results and discussion

The study's results reveal significant differences between tarmac transport conditions and other phases of air transportation. These differences have important implications for cargo packaging design and cargo preparation for transportation. The discussion centers on interpreting these results and their potential impact on industry aviation practices.


In conclusion, this study provides valuable insights into the specific challenges of tarmac transport. It raises important questions about the need to improve cargo protection strategies during this phase. The authors suggest future research directions to deepen the understanding of these phenomena and enhance the safety and efficiency of air transportation.

Publication 2015

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Proposition of a New Severity Analysis Based on ‘Shake’ Detection: Example of the Vatry Airport Tarmac

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