Real-time replication versus shock response spectrum simulation

The study of packaging systems and their response to transient events is a crucial area in product design and safety during transportation. This research focuses on comparing real-time replication and shock response spectrum (SRS) simulation, two key methodologies in faithfully reproducing transient events, such as those generated by a forklift.

State of the Art

Current methods for simulating transient events in packaging systems include real data acquisition and the use of models like SRS. Each method has its specificities and applications, directly influencing packaging performance and product protection.

Acquisition of transient events and calculation of Shock Response Spectrum

3.1. Methodology for acquiring transient event data

Data acquisition for transient events, such as those caused by forklift movement, is essential for understanding the real impact on packaging systems. This step involves advanced vibration analysis techniques and precise data collection.

3.2. Calculation of SRS and its role in event simulation

SRS is a powerful tool for simulating a packaging system's response to transient events. By calculating the SRS for a specific event, engineers can predict how packaging will react under different transportation conditions.

Real-time Replication vs SRS Simulation

4.1. Comparison of simulation methods

Comparing real-time replication and SRS simulation reveals significant differences in terms of accuracy, cost, and applicability. This section analyzes these differences and their impact on selecting the appropriate method for testing packaging.

4.2. Analysis of results and practical implications

Analyzing the results of these two simulation methods provides crucial insights into the reliability and effectiveness of transportation testing. The practical implications of these results are discussed in detail, highlighting best practices in the field of packaging systems.


This study offers an in-depth understanding of packaging systems' response to transient events. By concluding on the advantages and limitations of the studied methods, the article proposes recommendations for future applications in transient event simulation and packaging performance.

Publication 2022

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Response of a packaging system to a transient event: Real-time replication versus shock response spectra simulation

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