Test time compression method for vibrations test

In the industrial world, vibration tests are essential to ensure the reliability and safety of packaging during transportation. Metropack, a key player in this field, offers innovative solutions to enhance these tests. This document introduces their latest advancement: a time compression testing method that promises to increase efficiency while preserving the accuracy of results.

Fundamentals of transport vibrations

Transport vibrations can significantly affect the durability of packaging. These often unpredictable vibrations generate material fatigue, which can lead to failures. Understanding this phenomenon is crucial for designing robust packaging. Vibrations are assessed through rigorous tests that simulate real transportation conditions to predict how packaging will react.

Time compression testing methodology

The method proposed by Metropack aims to significantly reduce the time required for vibration tests without sacrificing data quality. This approach is based on the analysis of vibration data and condensing it into a more compact format. This methodology allows for a quick and efficient assessment of packaging resistance, a major advancement for the industry.

Damage calculation from PSD

Power Spectral Density (PSD) is a mathematical tool used to quantify vibration energy. Metropack utilizes PSD to precisely calculate the impact of vibrations on packaging. By analyzing the PSD, it becomes possible to predict the level of damage vibrations can cause, thereby optimizing packaging design for improved resistance.

Experimental verification and case studies

To validate their method, Metropack conducted several experiments and case studies. These tests demonstrated the effectiveness of the time compression testing method compared to traditional approaches. The results obtained confirmed the reliability of this new technique, highlighting its potential to revolutionize vibration testing in the packaging industry.

Conclusion and future perspectives

The time compression testing method developed by Metropack represents a significant advancement in the field of packaging vibration testing. It offers a fast, accurate, and cost-effective solution to meet the growing demands of the industry. This innovation paves the way for further research and development, promising to continue improving the safety and reliability of packaged goods transported worldwide.

IAPRI 2017 : 8th IAPRI Symposium, (Lausanne, Suisse)

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Presentation : Test time compression method for vibrations test


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