Record and analysis of constraints encountered in pallets handling by forklifts

This study examines packaging systems in an industrial context, emphasizing their crucial importance for logistics. It aims to understand and analyze the constraints encountered during pallet handling by forklift trucks, focusing on practical aspects and implications for the industry.


The study employs standardized testing protocols (ISTA, ASTM) to evaluate packaging performance. Forklift trucks are equipped with data loggers to capture real handling conditions. Test routes and conditions are described in detail, allowing for a thorough understanding of the methods used.

Experimental results

The collected data are analyzed to identify power spectral densities and typical transient events. The study reveals notable differences among operators and types of forklift trucks, highlighting the variability of handling conditions.

Analysis of constraints on pallets

The types of constraints encountered are examined, particularly the impact of surface defects and loading/unloading operations. This analysis helps better understand the challenges faced by pallets during transportation and handling.

Development of laboratory test protocol

A new laboratory test protocol is developed to better simulate real-world conditions. The use of a simulation table offers significant advantages for packaging tests, allowing for a more precise evaluation of performance.

Conclusion and practical implications

The synthesis of results highlights their importance for the packaging and logistics industry. Recommendations are made to optimize packaging systems and improve pallet handling, contributing to enhanced efficiency and safety in the industry.

IAPRI 2019 : 29th IAPRI Member Symposium, (Enschede, Pays-Bas)

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Poster : Record and analysis of constraints encountered in pallets handling by forklifts


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