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Mechanical properties of corrugated boxes subjected to shocks

The transport and packaging industry is constantly evolving, continually seeking to optimize the strength and durability of materials used. Among these materials, corrugated cardboard plays a crucial role, particularly in protecting products during the distribution cycle. This document explores the importance of the strength of corrugated cardboard boxes, a critical topic for manufacturers and distributors keen on minimizing damages during transportation.

Characteristics and experimental methodology

The study focused on various samples of corrugated cardboard, each selected for its unique properties. Test protocols were meticulously developed to evaluate both the static and dynamic resistance of these materials. These tests were conducted using state-of-the-art equipment capable of simulating the real stress conditions to which cardboard boxes are subjected during distribution.

Results of static compression tests

Data collected from static compression tests revealed significant variations in the crush resistance of different corrugated cardboard samples. The analysis of these results provides valuable insights into the factors influencing cardboard strength, including material thickness and the quality of corrugation.

Results of dynamic compression tests

In addition, dynamic compression tests provided an additional perspective, highlighting the ability of cardboard to withstand impacts and repeated stresses. Comparing static and dynamic results offers a more comprehensive understanding of the performance of corrugated cardboard boxes under various stress forms.

Conclusions and implications for corrugated cardboard box design

By synthesizing the results, this study highlights areas for improving corrugated cardboard box design. Recommendations from this research could significantly transform industry practices, guiding towards more robust and durable designs. Furthermore, it opens avenues for future research aiming to further refine the understanding and optimization of corrugated cardboard packaging strength.

IAPRI 2017 : 8th IAPRI Symposium, (Lausanne, Suisse)

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Poster : Mechanical properties of corrugated boxes subjected to shocks


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