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Influence of corrugated cardboard corners in shock damping : Case of a 100% cardboard packaging

Study on corrugated cardboard corners

Context and significance of the study

The packaging industry is constantly evolving, seeking efficient and sustainable solutions to protect products during transportation. The use of corrugated cardboard, especially in packaging corners, plays a crucial role in shock absorption and damage prevention. This study aligns with this perspective, focusing on evaluating the effectiveness of corrugated cardboard corners in reducing impacts during falls.

Research objectives and scope

The primary objective of this research is to analyze the influence of corrugated cardboard corners on shock absorption in 100% cardboard packaging. This study aims to understand in detail how the characteristics of corrugated cardboard, particularly in corners, contribute to absorbing and dispersing impact energy, which is essential for designing stronger and safer packaging.


Description of Experiments and Materials Used

Experiments were conducted using various types of corrugated cardboard, with a specific focus on the EB configuration. Drop tests were performed to simulate real transportation and handling conditions, with an emphasis on packaging corners, recognized as the most vulnerable points.

Testing and measurement process

The tests included drops of complete packaging as well as drops of corners only, to isolate and understand their specific behavior under impact. Precise measurements of acceleration and deformation were recorded, providing quantitative data for analysis.

Test results

Analysis of drops of entire packaging on corners

The results showed that corrugated cardboard corners in the EB configuration offered better shock absorption compared to other configurations tested. The dispersion of impact energy was significantly higher in these corners, reducing the risk of internal damage.

Results of corner-only drop tests

During tests focused on corners, a similar trend was observed. EB corrugated cardboard corners demonstrated superior ability to withstand impacts, highlighting their importance in the overall packaging design.

Characteristics of EB corrugated cardboard

EB corrugated cardboard was identified as particularly effective in terms of shock absorption, owing to its unique structure and density.

Data analysis

Interpretation of acceleration and deformation results

Data analysis revealed that corrugated cardboard corners in the EB configuration effectively reduced maximum acceleration and deformation during impacts. This indicates better protection of the packaging content.

Comparisons between different testing methods

By comparing various testing methods, it was possible to deduce which cardboard configurations offered the best protection and how the results could be applied in packaging design.


Implications of results for cardboard packaging design

The findings of this study have direct implications for cardboard packaging design, especially for products requiring high protection. The integration of EB corrugated cardboard corners could significantly enhance shock resistance in packaging.

Perspectives for future research

This research paves the way for more in-depth studies on packaging materials and their behavior under different types of stress, offering new opportunities for innovation in the packaging industry.


The references used for this study include various industry standards, research articles, as well as empirical tests conducted specifically for this project. These sources provided an essential framework for data analysis and interpretation.

IAPRI 2014 : 19th IAPRI World Conference (Melbourne, Australie)

pdf-177.72 kB

Full paper : Influence of corrugated cardboard corners in shock damping : Case of a 100% cardboard packaging.


IAPRI 2014 : 19th IAPRI World Conference (Melbourne, Australie)

pdf-2.17 MB

Presentation : Influence of corrugated cardboard corners in shock damping : Case of a 100% cardboard packaging.


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