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Folding of paper sheet and packaging

The Evolution of sustainable packaging: Innovative paper folding techniques

The packaging industry is evolving towards solutions that are both environmentally friendly and innovative. This study, presented at the 27th IAPRI Symposium in 2015 by Mr. Philippe Delloque, explores paper folding methods to create efficient and environmentally-friendly packaging. Their research focuses on the strategic use of folding to reduce transportation space and facilitate recycling.

Paper folding techniques

The core of this study revolves around the development of innovative folding patterns. These techniques enable the creation of complex structures that enhance the strength and flexibility of paper packaging. The team experimented with various folding configurations to optimize the functionality and aesthetics of the packaging.

Environmental and functional benefits

The approach taken by the researchers offers several ecological advantages. By reducing the space required for transportation, these packaging solutions decrease the carbon footprint associated with logistics. Moreover, the absence of adhesives and cuts simplifies the recycling process, further reducing the environmental impact.

Results and performance

The results obtained demonstrate a significant improvement in the performance of packaging in terms of strength and durability. These folded structures outperform traditional solutions, such as corrugated cardboard, in terms of protection and efficiency.

Practical applications and examples

The study presents practical applications, including packaging for lightweight products such as smartphones. These packages offer adequate protection while being lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, highlighting their potential in various industrial sectors.


Mr. Philippe Delloque's research open new perspectives in the field of packaging. By combining innovation, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility, these paper folding techniques could revolutionize how products are packaged and transported, contributing to a more sustainable future.

IAPRI 2015 : 27th IAPRI Symposium (Valencia, Espagne)

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Poster : Folding of paper sheet and packaging.


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