Dynamical response of pallets subjected to horizontal stresses during transportation

1. Introduction and context

In the field of logistics and transportation, the issue of preserving products during their journey is paramount. The study presented by Victor Huart aligns with this perspective, aiming to develop a laboratory simulation method capable of accurately reproducing the damages suffered by packaging during transport. This research is crucial for companies seeking to optimize the protection of their products, especially for fragile items like champagne bottles.

2. Study methodology

The study utilizes an innovative system consisting of polyurethane foam and a champagne bottle as damage indicators. This approach allows for an accurate simulation of real transport conditions. The methodology involves recording actual transport conditions, followed by replicating these conditions in the laboratory. This enables the evaluation of the effectiveness of packaging and transportation methods used by providing a basis for comparison between real and simulated damages.

3. Weighted gaussian decomposition

Weighted Gaussian decomposition is a mathematical technique used to analyze acceleration signals obtained during transport. This method decomposes complex signals into multiple Gaussian distributions, facilitating data interpretation and application in damage simulation. Using this approach provides a more precise and detailed representation of the forces packaging is subjected to during transportation.

4. Results and comparisons

The analysis of the results reveals significant similarities between the damages observed in real transport and those obtained through laboratory simulation. However, some divergences are also highlighted, underscoring the complexity of reproducing real conditions exactly. These observations provide valuable insights into the reliability and limitations of the simulation method while offering avenues for improvement.

5. Conclusion and implications

In conclusion, this study marks a significant advancement in transport damage simulation, offering an innovative and effective method. The implications of this work are significant for the relevant industries, particularly in the field of packaging and the transportation of fragile products. Future research prospects include refining the simulation method and exploring new applications to further enhance the safety and efficiency of product transportation.

IAPRI 2018 : 29th IAPRI Member Symposium, (Zhuhai, Chine)

pdf-648.72 kB

Full paper : Reproduction of an actual transport packaging damage based on weighted gaussians decomposition.


IAPRI 2018 : 29th IAPRI Member Symposium, (Zhuhai, Chine)

pdf-5.39 MB

Full paper : Dynamical response of pallets subjected to horizontal stresses during transportation.


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