Acceleration longue camionAcceleration longue camion

Damage by Long Duration Accelerations

In the field of transportation, understanding mechanical constraints is essential to ensure the safety and integrity of packaged products. This document focuses on a often overlooked aspect: long-duration acceleration phenomena and their impact on packaging.

Research objective

The study aims to explore the specific effects of long-duration accelerations on packaging, a topic that has received little attention in previous research. These phenomena are distinctly different from the more commonly studied vibrations, shocks, or jolts.

Research methodology

The adopted methodology includes the use of sensors to measure accelerations in a truck under real-world conditions. These devices accurately record the forces experienced by packaging during transportation.

Analysis of results

The collected data reveal significant differences between long-duration accelerations and traditional shocks. These observations underscore the need for a test bench specifically designed to simulate these unique conditions.

Recommendations and future perspectives

To further this research, the use of a dedicated test bench is recommended. It is also suggested to develop methods to more precisely quantify the damage caused by these acceleration phenomena.

IAPRI 2019 : 29th IAPRI Member Symposium, (Enschede, Pays-Bas)

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Full paper : Damage by Long Duration Accelerations


IAPRI 2019 : 29th IAPRI Member Symposium, (Enschede, Pays-Bas)

pdf-1.62 MB

Poster : Damage by Long Duration Accelerations


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