Comparaison de vibrationComparaison de vibration

ASTM D4169-14 and ASTM D4169-16 Truck protocol vibration comparison

In the trucking industry, ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of goods transportation. The primary goal of this study is to compare the ASTM D4169-14 and ASTM D4169-16 standards, with a specific focus on the vibration protocols applied to cargo during transportation. This analysis is essential to understand the implications of these standards on preserving the integrity of products during their transit.


The study employed a specific experimental setup to test vibration protocols. Parameters included variables such as vibration intensity, test duration, and characteristics of the tested cargos. This section will detail the tools, methods, and conditions under which the tests were conducted, providing an in-depth understanding of the methodology used.

Analysis of ASTM D4169-14 and D4169-16 Standards

This part provides an overview of the ASTM D4169-14 and D4169-16 standards, highlighting their main differences. The focus is on the approach to simulating vibrations in each standard, explaining how they seek to replicate real transportation conditions and what potential impacts they may have on cargos.

Results and Comparisons

The results obtained from vibration tests are analyzed here, with particular attention to probability densities and significant differences between the two standards. Graphs and statistical data are used to illustrate key points, allowing for a visual and analytical comparison of the performance of each standard in terms of vibration simulation.


This section summarizes the main observations of the study, highlighting implications for the transportation industry and packaging safety. Recommendations for future research or standard updates are also proposed based on the results and analyses conducted.

IAPRI 2017 : 8th IAPRI Symposium, (Lausanne, Suisse)

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Poster : ASTM D4169-14 and ASTM D4169-16 Truck protocol vibration comparison.


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