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Transit test

Transport testing and packaging solutions improvement

Modern logistics in the packaging industry requires special attention to four key aspects: handling, transportation, storage, and atmospheric conditions. The effectiveness of packaging solutions depends on their resistance to these factors.

Packaging qualification protocols for transportation: Simulating for optimization

Qualifying packaging for use in specific transport conditions is essential. Our laboratory tests include:

  • Shock tests: to simulate handling constraints.
  • Vibration tests: to evaluate packaging stability, abrasion, and more.
  • Compression tests: to assess compression resistance.
  • Simulation of atmospheric conditions: to test resilience in different climates.

Understanding and adapting to distribution channels for packaging solutions durability tests

In-depth knowledge of distribution channels specific to your products is essential to customize durability tests for packaging solutions. This allows the establishment of test protocols that faithfully reflect real transport and storage conditions.

Why choose our durability tests for your packaging solutions?

Our expertise in durability testing for packaging solutions ensures accurate and reliable results. We simulate logistical challenges to anticipate packaging performance, thus reducing the risks and costs associated with potential damage during transportation.

Transport exceptionnel
Transport exceptionnel

FAQ on transport testing and packaging solutions improvement

In modern packaging logistics, it's essential to pay attention to four aspects: handling, transportation, storage, and atmospheric conditions. The resistance of packaging solutions to these factors determines their effectiveness.

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