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Tilt Indicator

The transportation of goods, especially fragile or technological products, requires great attention. To ensure that packages are handled correctly and not overturned during transport, companies often use "This Side Up" or "Do Not Tilt" labels. However, these labels may not be sufficient to ensure proper handling. This is where the tilt indicator comes in, a tool that verifies whether packages are traveling in the desired position.

What is a Tilt Indicator?

A tilt indicator is a device that changes color when tilted or overturned at a certain angle, typically 90 degrees. This indicates that the package has been overturned during transport. Tilt indicators are particularly useful for fragile or high-tech products, which can be damaged if the package orientation changes during transportation.

The tilt indicator works by using an internal mechanism that changes color in response to a change in orientation. This provides visual evidence that the package has been mishandled during transport.

Why Use Tilt Indicators?

Using tilt indicators offers several advantages. It allows for visual monitoring of whether the package has been overturned during transport, which can be difficult to determine otherwise. It also gives recipients the opportunity to refuse a package that has been obviously mishandled.

Furthermore, tilt indicators can contribute to improving the quality of transport services. If carriers know that a package is equipped with such an indicator, they are more likely to handle it with care.

What to Do If the Indicator is Triggered?

If the tilt indicator is triggered, it means that the package has been overturned during transport. In such cases, the recipient can invoke Article 105 of the Commercial Code. This article states that any reservations must be confirmed by registered letter to the carrier within three days of receiving the package.

It is important to note that even if the tilt indicator is not triggered, the recipient can still assert their rights in case of damage. The tilt indicator is simply an additional tool to help protect goods during transport.

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