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Tamper evident - Pilferproof

Ensuring Product Authenticity with Tamper-Evident Devices

Tamper-evident devices are an essential component of security in the packaging industry. They serve to indicate any unauthorized opening or tampering attempts of products through elements such as security seals, tamper-evident tapes, and advanced locking systems. These mechanisms are vital to preserve product integrity and maintain consumer trust.

These solutions are widely used to protect high-value or sensitive products, especially in the pharmaceutical, food, electronic industries, and to secure confidential documents, transport tickets, and currency. They are fundamental in combating theft, fraud, and counterfeiting.

It's important to distinguish between the terms "tamper-evident" and "pilfer-proof." The former relates to the detection of tampering, while the latter aims to prevent theft or manipulation.

Counterfeiting: Protecting the Economy and Brands through Tamper-Evidence

Counterfeiting poses a significant economic threat, with up to 2.5% of global trade affected, approximately $461 billion annually, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization. In the pharmaceutical sector alone, losses from counterfeit drugs reach nearly $200 billion annually. These statistics highlight the crucial role of tamper-evident devices in protecting businesses and consumers.

Real-world Examples: The Impact of Tamper-Evident Devices in Brand Protection

Recently, a major pharmaceutical company averted a public health crisis thanks to its tamper-evident devices, which detected and eliminated counterfeit products. These cases illustrate the effectiveness of these systems for consumer safety and brand authenticity preservation.

Technological Advances and Pharmaceutical Packaging Security

Technological advancements such as pressure-sensitive inks, RFID labels, and tamper-indicating seals enhance product security. These innovations facilitate detection of tampering and improve product traceability, particularly in pharmaceutical packaging, where security is paramount.

Perspectives and Developments in Food and Electronics Packaging Security

Increasing regulations and consumer awareness drive demand for tamper-evident devices. Companies that adopt them not only secure their products but also strengthen customer trust, especially in the food and electronics sectors where security has become a major expectation.

Why Use Them?

Tamper-evident devices are not just a security measure but also a strategic element for brand authenticity and consumer trust. Faced with ever-evolving threats, the packaging industry must innovate to ensure product security.


A tamper-evident device, also known as an anti-tampering mechanism, is a feature integrated into packaging to indicate any unauthorized opening or manipulation attempts of the product.

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