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Pelliplacage: Vacuum packaging technique

Pelliplacage, a packaging method, provides an efficient solution for the preservation and protection of products. This technique, involving a transparent or translucent plastic film, is ideal for vacuum packaging of food products such as meats and cheeses. Its utility also extends to other fields, such as packaging electronic products and consumer goods, where protection against moisture and dust is essential.

The material used in this method is a thermoplastic film, characterized by its ability to mold and effectively protect the product. This 'vacuum protective film' fits perfectly, acting as a second skin that preserves quality and freshness.

Process and operation of pelliplacage

The pelliplacage process begins with the preparation of the product, placed on a suitable support such as cardboard, plastic, or aluminum. Then, a specific plastic film is applied to the product. The key step in the process is heating the plastic film, making it flexible to conform to the product's shape. The subsequent vacuum created allows optimal adhesion of the film, which is then cooled to set its shape.

Benefits of pelliplacage in food packaging

In addition to its popularity in food packaging, pelliplacage offers many environmental advantages. Reduced material usage, coupled with improved product preservation, contributes to reducing food waste. Furthermore, innovations in biodegradable materials for pelliplacage pave the way for more eco-friendly packaging.

Innovations and trends in pelliplacage

The pelliplacage industry continues to evolve, with innovations such as the use of advanced barrier films and smart packaging technologies. These developments provide better product protection while meeting consumer demands for more sustainable and convenient packaging.

FAQ on pelliplacage: Vacuum packaging technique

Pelliplacage is a vacuum packaging method that uses a transparent or translucent plastic film. This technique is designed to preserve and protect products, including food items, from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors.

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