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Shock recorders

Optimizing Packaging: The Importance of Shock Recorders in Logistics

Shock recorders, or impact sensors, are essential monitoring instruments that record the levels of impact goods experience during transportation. These devices are vital for logistics management and quality assurance, providing businesses with valuable data to assess the handling of their products and refine packaging solutions to reduce damage.

Mechanism of Shock Recorders in Product Protection

These advanced tools are equipped with piezoelectric accelerometers that detect changes in velocity, thereby measuring accelerations or decelerations. For a comprehensive analysis, it is essential to use three accelerometers to monitor the three spatial axes: vertical, horizontal, and longitudinal.

Data collection methods vary, including:

1. Time-Based Recording: Capturing data at fixed intervals, regardless of the impact amplitude.
2. Impact Threshold Recording: Recording triggered only when impacts exceed a predefined threshold.

Data collected by these sensors reveal the direction, timing, frequency, and severity of impacts, providing a detailed analysis of the "shock risk profile" during transit.

The Utility of Shock Recorders in Packaging Design

Understanding the risks associated with shocks and vibrations is crucial for designing optimal cushioning. The latter is designed to cushion products against impacts and vibrations during transportation.

It is crucial to emphasize that damage caused by continuous vibrations, although often underestimated compared to shocks, can be just as detrimental. Repeated vibrations can weaken materials and lead to long-term structural failures, especially for delicate electronic or mechanical components. Thus, equal attention should be given to the risks of both shock and vibration when designing protective cushioning systems.


A shock recorder is a device that measures and records the impact forces experienced by products during transportation. It provides essential data to optimize logistics processes and improve packaging quality.

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