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Shock indicator

The shock indicator is an essential tool in modern logistics, designed to monitor the mechanical stresses that a product undergoes during transport. It is more than just a matter of preventing material damage - customer satisfaction and brand image also depend on it.

Operating Principle

The handling indicator, typically attached to the packaging, indicates whether a product has experienced drops or shocks with acceleration exceeding a certain predetermined threshold, which is generally considered unacceptable to ensure the integrity of the package and, most importantly, the product itself. This threshold is determined based on the weight and fragility of the product.

When the handling indicator changes color, it signifies that the package has been handled roughly. This provides receivers with a quick way to check if the package has been properly handled and to make claims if necessary.

Deterrent Effect

The shock indicator also has a deterrent effect. It signals to every participant in the transportation chain that the package is being monitored. This may encourage them to handle the package with more care, contributing to damage reduction.

Limitations of the Shock Indicator

It is important to note that the shock indicator does not provide a complete solution to transport-related issues. It does not replace the need for designing effective cushioning to protect the product during transport. Additionally, it only provides information about shocks experienced by the package and not other types of stresses, such as vibrations.

Alternatives and Complementary Devices

Other devices can be used to monitor and record the stresses endured by products during transport. Shock recorders, for example, can provide more detailed information about the shocks experienced by a package. Shock and vibration recorders can also provide information about the vibrations experienced by the package, which can be particularly useful for transporting vibration-sensitive products.

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