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Shock detector

Shock detectors in freight transportation

A shock detector is a crucial device in the field of transportation and logistics. This advanced electronic device is designed to measure and record acceleration or deceleration during impacts or shocks.

How shock detectors work

These detectors primarily operate using accelerometers. These sensors record velocity changes in various directions. During a shock, the device compares the acceleration to a predefined threshold and records the data if the threshold is exceeded.

This information can be analyzed on a computer to determine the timing and location of the shocks experienced, thus optimizing transportation and handling processes.

The role of shock detectors in cargo protection

Shock detectors are essential to ensure the safety of goods during transportation. They help identify handling issues and verify whether a package has been exposed to risky conditions.

These devices are particularly important for fragile or high-value items. They also play a crucial role in accountability in case of damage by providing concrete evidence of mishandling during transport.

Why are they used?

Shock detectors are indispensable tools in the transportation sector. They not only contribute to monitoring and recording transport conditions but also play a significant role in improving logistics processes and protecting assets.

A shock detector is an electronic device used in transportation and logistics to measure and record acceleration or deceleration during impacts or shocks.

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