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Forklift Impact Sensors

Forklift trucks are essential equipment in many industrial and commercial fields, including warehouses and distribution centers. However, their use can sometimes result in excessive shocks or impacts that can damage the forklift itself, as well as the surrounding work environment. To address this, forklift impact sensors have been developed. These play a crucial role in maintaining safety and productivity in work environments.

How Forklift Impact Sensors Work

Forklift impact sensors are devices designed to monitor and record any abnormal acceleration of the equipment. These accelerations can be caused by excessive shocks, such as collisions with rack guards, walls, other forklifts, etc.

Typically, the dock supervisor and forklift operators agree on a maximum acceptable acceleration for the forklift. If this limit is exceeded, the impact sensor triggers visual and audible alarms to alert the operator and surrounding personnel. Additionally, it records the date and time of the incident, as well as the name of the person responsible for the operation at the time of the impact.

Benefits of Forklift Impact Sensors

The use of forklift impact sensors offers several advantages. Firstly, they empower forklift operators. Knowing that their driving is being monitored and any anomalies will be recorded, they are more inclined to handle the equipment safely and cautiously. This can greatly contribute to reducing workplace accidents.

Additionally, these devices help raise awareness among forklift operators about the importance of safe forklift driving. They provide a constant reminder that safety is a priority, which can reinforce a safety culture within the company.

Finally, forklift impact sensors can help reduce maintenance costs and material damages. By minimizing excessive shocks and impacts, they prolong the lifespan of the forklift and preserve the integrity of racks, walls, and other surrounding structures.

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