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Regenerated cellulose film

Cellophane film: A sustainable packaging solution

Regenerated cellulose film, commonly known as cellophane film, stands as an environmentally viable alternative to petroleum-derived plastic packaging. With its biodegradable properties, cellulose film offers significant advantages for both consumers and the environment.

What is regenerated cellulose film?

Manufactured from cellulose, a natural polymer extracted from plant cell walls, regenerated cellulose film is obtained by dissolving cellulose in a solvent before being reconstituted into film after solvent removal.

Environmental benefits of cellophane film

  • Biodegradability: Unlike conventional plastics, cellulose film naturally decomposes under the influence of environmental factors, often within a few weeks or months.
  • Renewable resources: Cellulose is derived from renewable plant resources such as wood or cotton, frequently grown sustainably.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: The production of this film generates fewer greenhouse gases compared to traditional plastics.

Use of cellophane in the packaging industry

  • Food packaging: Cellophane is favored for packaging food items due to its effective barrier against moisture, gases, and odors, while offering an attractive presentation with its shine and clarity.
  • Textiles: Sustainable textile fibers like viscose and lyocell are produced from regenerated cellulose, providing an alternative to synthetic fibers.
  • Electronic components: The flexibility and mechanical strength of cellulose films make them useful in the manufacturing of flexible printed circuits and touch screens.

Regenerated cellulose film, often referred to as cellophane film, is a biodegradable material made from natural cellulose extracted from plants, used as a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging.

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