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Positive List

What is the Positive List in the packaging industry?

The positive list is a regulatory cornerstone for the safety of packaging materials. It lists authorized substances and products used in the manufacturing of various materials, including recyclable plastics, innovative textiles, eco-designed packaging, and sustainable electronic components. To be included on this list, a product must meet strict criteria for product safety, material quality, and environmental sustainability. Substances that pose risks to health or the ecosystem are rigorously excluded, ensuring optimal protection for users and our planet.

Operation and updates of the Positive List

The positive list is regularly revised by authorities in collaboration with experts in material toxicology, public health, and industrial ecology. Candidate substances are evaluated based on criteria such as non-toxicity, biodegradability, absence of bioaccumulation, and low ecological impact. Approval of a substance results in its addition to the list, allowing for its safe use in the manufacturing of responsible packaging.

Benefits of the Positive List for consumers and the industry

The adoption of the positive list offers key advantages:

  • Consumer Safety: It eliminates harmful substances in the production of safe packaging, minimizing the risks of allergic reactions and toxic effects.
  • Environmental Preservation: By rejecting non-environmentally friendly substances, the positive list helps reduce packaging pollution and protect terrestrial and marine biodiversity.
  • Innovation and Industrial Competitiveness: It encourages innovation in green packaging technologies, enhancing the competitiveness of companies committed to sustainable development practices.

The positive list is a regulatory directory that lists authorized substances in the production of materials for the packaging industry, ensuring product safety and sustainability.

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