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Corrugated cardboard

What is corrugated cardboard in the packaging industry?

Corrugated cardboard, an essential cornerstone of the packaging industry, is more than just a material. It's an innovative and versatile solution, indispensable in our daily lives. But what makes corrugated cardboard so special and crucial in the packaging industry? 
Composition and Structure of Corrugated Cardboard 
Corrugated cardboard, composed of multiple layers of kraft paper, is renowned for its resistance to shocks and compression while remaining lightweight. Its corrugated structure is a significant asset for product protection during transportation.

The manufacturing process of corrugated cardboard

The manufacturing of corrugated cardboard is a fascinating process. It begins with the preparation of kraft paper sheets, whether they are from recycled or new cellulose fibers. These sheets are then moistened, heated, corrugated, and glued between the flat sheets. This manufacturing process, combining advanced technologies and craftsmanship, creates a material that is both robust and malleable.

Unique characteristics of corrugated cardboard

What sets corrugated cardboard apart, in addition to its lightweight and strength, is its versatility. Its flat and uniform surface provides an ideal canvas for printing, allowing for easy customization for brands. That's why many industries adopt it for their packaging needs.

Constant innovations in the corrugated cardboard industry

The corrugated cardboard sector is constantly evolving, with continuous innovations to enhance its sustainability, recyclability, and performance. Today, corrugated cardboard plays a significant role in the circular economy and environmental protection, making it a packaging essential.

Testing Methods for Corrugated Cardboard
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BCT - Box Compression Test
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ECT (Edge Crush Test) and BCT (Box Compression Test) of a corrugated box.
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Test Method - Pendulum Puncture Resistance
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