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Performance testing of boxes

Performance Evaluation of Corrugated Cardboard Packaging Solutions

Corrugated cardboard boxes are essential in the field of sustainable industrial packaging, providing reliable protection for the transportation of various goods. For industries ranging from organic food to advanced electronic components, it is vital to conduct performance tests to ensure the strength and durability of packaging in the face of logistical challenges. Let's explore the most comprehensive testing methods.

Analysis of Compression Strength for Sustainable Packaging

Compression strength testing is essential to assess the structural strength of a cardboard box. This analysis determines the maximum load that the packaging can withstand, a crucial aspect for products stacked during storage or shipping.

Drop Tests: Simulations for Industrial Packaging Safety

Resistance to drops is tested by replicating common handling scenarios where the box is dropped from a specific height. These tests are vital to ensure that the packaging can protect its contents against unexpected shocks.

Evaluation of Burst Resistance in Packaging Innovation

This test is an indicator of the superior quality of corrugated cardboard, measuring its ability to withstand pressure without rupturing. Excellent burst resistance means that the box can withstand significant internal or external stresses, thereby ensuring better product protection.

The Importance of Performance Testing for Industrial Packaging Solutions

Rigorous evaluation of corrugated cardboard boxes is a guarantee of product safety. These analyses allow manufacturers to optimize the design of their packaging solutions, and customers to select the most suitable type of box for their industrial packaging and logistical transport needs.


The compression test assesses the ability of a corrugated cardboard box to withstand vertical forces, simulating stacked storage or transportation conditions. It determines the maximum force the box can withstand before deforming.

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