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Hot melt adhesive / glue

Thermoplastic adhesives for packaging: Unique properties and applications

Thermoplastic adhesives are essential in the industrial packaging field, offering fast and reliable bonding solutions. These adhesives, solid at room temperature, transform into liquid when heated to defined temperatures, enabling precise application and immediate bonding.

Advanced composition of thermoplastic adhesives

The formulation of thermoplastic adhesives incorporates advanced polymers such as ethylene-vinyl acetates (EVA), polyolefins, polyamides, and polyurethanes, combined with resins and plasticizers for optimal performance. These components are selected for their ability to adjust melting temperature, viscosity, and tensile strength, offering adaptability to the specific needs of the packaging industry and beyond.

Industrial applications and performance of thermoplastic adhesives

In the application process, the thermoplastic adhesive is heated to a controlled temperature, typically between 120 and 200°C, allowing for uniform application. The adhesive, once cooled, forms a strong bond with a variety of substrates, including challenging-to-bond materials, which is crucial for secure and durable packaging.

Advantages and considerations of thermoplastic adhesives

These adhesives are favored for their quick setting, which speeds up production lines, and for their superior adhesion to various materials, facilitating the design of innovative and resilient packaging. Their easy application, whether manual or automated, makes them indispensable for large-scale packaging operations.

However, it's important to note that their effectiveness may decrease under extreme temperature conditions, and their initial cost may be higher than other bonding solutions."


A hot melt adhesive is a type of glue that becomes liquid when heated and quickly solidifies upon cooling to form a strong bond. They are widely used for their fast and efficient adhesion in various industrial applications. 

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