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Certification of cosmetic packaging

Packaging expertise and validation

In the field of packaging, it is essential to strike a balance between different aspects such as differentiation, personalization, emotional appeal, resource efficiency, and container reduction. This requires harmonizing design with strong technical skills. We are here to support you in your packaging approval efforts and provide our expertise in validation.

Juice tests: Ensuring the integrity of cosmetic packaging

Our rigorous tests assess the resistance of packaging in real conditions, ensuring the safety and quality of cosmetic products. This approach is crucial to ensure that cosmetic packaging maintains its integrity and durability even when in contact with liquids.

Decorations and finishes durability: Sustainable and aesthetic finishes

We focus on the longevity of packaging designs, ensuring that decorations and finishes withstand the test of time. This includes preserving aesthetics while ensuring remarkable durability of the materials used.

Functional and permanent assemblies: Reliability and safety

Assessing the robustness of assemblies is crucial to ensure safety and functionality of packaging. Our rigorous tests ensure that assemblies withstand various constraints, offering maximum stability and safety.

Resistance to sweat and light: Preserving quality under environmental influences

We test the ability of packaging to maintain its properties in the face of elements such as sweat and direct light. These tests are crucial to ensure that packaging preserves its quality and functionality in various environmental conditions.

Stress cracking tests: Durability and resilience testing

Our expertise extends to analyzing the resistance of packaging materials under mechanical stress. These tests ensure that packaging does not lose performance even under significant tensions.

Appearance control and practical tests: Ensuring aesthetics and functionality

From visual inspection to practical evaluation, we ensure that each packaging combines impressive aesthetics and functional performance. Our practical tests, including daily use such as in a handbag, guarantee an optimal user experience.

FAQ on cosmetic packaging and packaging evaluation

It is essential to strike a balance between differentiation, personalization, emotional appeal, resource efficiency, and container reduction, while incorporating strong technical expertise.

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