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Bundle packaging

Optimizing Grouping Packaging Techniques for Logistics and Transport Efficiency

Grouping packaging plays a crucial role in improving logistics and transport efficiency. This strategic process not only allows for optimized storage but also ensures safer handling and transportation of products. Let's explore grouping packaging methods that promote optimized logistics management:

  • Single-bundling: Using materials such as kraft paper, plastic film, or shrink film, this technique creates a set of similar packages into a single package. Whether done manually or through automated means, it generates a single load that facilitates inventory management and secure transportation.
  • Use of Cases for Product Protection: By grouping various packages into a single case, this method is ideal for items requiring increased security during transit. The choice of case materials, based on the specific needs of the products, contributes to preserving the integrity of the goods.
  • Pallet Wrapping with Plastic Film for Load Transport: By wrapping packages on a pallet with plastic film, this method is preferred for transporting heavy or oversized loads. It ensures load stability and provides a barrier against adverse weather conditions.
  • Hyperpack and Overpack for Optimal Point-of-Sale Presentation: Used in the retail sector, this method involves secondary packaging that enhances the products in their primary packaging. It is particularly effective for bundled offerings and promotional displays and is also known as "Multipack."


Grouping packaging is a logistics process where multiple items are combined into a single package to facilitate storage and transportation.

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